The Mission

Our mission at Wisdom Walk Productions is to create opportunities to inspire, transform empowerand empower individuals, and those whose lives they touch, by connecting extraordinary people, ideas and information. We are committed to provide events that foster greater self-knowledge and deeper awareness of and sensitivity to the world in which we live.

 We believe in the value of new information. Our focus relative to the nature of educational aspirationsevents that we provide is to consider what else do we, as inhabitants of Earth, need to know to be better people, and global neighbors? What, or who, do we aspire to become? How can each person bring into existence the dreams, hopes, and desires that still reside deep within?


Second, we believe in the benefit of coming together in a community of “like-learners,” communitypeople who have common interests. How can we benefit from coming together in community, learning with shared intentions? In what ways can we inspire and encourage each other?

Third, we believe in the worth of reaching beyond traditional boundaries and developing boundariesrelationships with people beyond our usual sphere. How can we broaden our scope of consciousness? How can we expand our beliefs and perceptions?

Furthermore, we believe is the everlasting unfolding potential each person has to gift the potentialworld with their talents and wisdom. How can we make a difference with our own unique knowledge and experience? How can we foster positive change in a world ridden with so many difficult challenges? These are foundational questions relative to our mission.

Ideas and information that are meaningful are forces for change. They circulate and grow changeexponentially, creating deeper connections and relationships. Stimulating concepts, thinking and philosophies manifest new thoughts and inspiring ideas, potentially transforming our lives for greater good.


Many times when we connect with new information, we may disregard it instead of opportunitiesappreciating the rich possibilities that could theoretically move us to new levels of understanding. We may not recognize that such opportunities are valuable in fostering wise decisions over making quick choices in our lives. Furthermore, perpetual learning can provide a wellspring of creative options over the mundane or safe ways of moving through our lives. We, at Wisdom Walk Productions, are committed to provide opportunities to engage in new ideas, creative processes, and inspiring ideas filled with enough newness to disturb the usual into extraordinary potential.

Indeed, we live in a world immersed in change, surrounded by creativity expressed as ever-transformationexpanding diversity. Our world is proficient at change and maintains resiliency through constant transformation. We are at its core whether we realize it or not. We, as human beings, are also subject to perpetual shifts, moment to moment, day by day, and even from decade through decade in unfolding stages of our lives. We live more harmoniously and with a deeper sense of fulfillment if we adapt, grow and excel with creative change while engaging deeper with ourselves, and with others in community. Consider joining us on a journey of inspiration.